Who am I?

                                             I grew up in the countryside where the birds sing and the children enjoy every moment in nature in a playful way. My parents worked in a city, so they visited me from time to time. By the age of 6, my grandparents were there for me. My childhood was a blessing and I realized it while studying psychology. I was so thankful to my great-grandmother when I discovered the attachment theory (Bowlby) for all the love and availability she offered me. At the age of 6, my parents took in Bucharest city where I started a new chapter of my life. I didn't like the change at all. I was unhappy because my freedom was restricted, my loved grandparents and friends were away from me and the family environment was not so properly.

           When I was 13, on a St Andrew’s Day (my name day), I went shopping with my mom and I saw Peter Collett's book. I was fascinated by the fact that gestures can say more than words do. I asked my mother to buy that book for my name day. Since then, I wanted to become a psychologist even though I didn't know much about this profession.

          The years passed, I managed to be admitted to the much-desired college, then I continued with a master's degree about the child, couple, and family.

             During the studies, I got involved in volunteering activities working with social causes in adults and children. 

            Working as an ABA therapist with children for 2 years helped me better understand autism. At the same time, I got to know myself and I realized that this is not the line I want to go.  

           I did counseling sessions with individuals/groups and had good results with the majority. This fact led me to continue on this path.

           I have traveled to many countries learning about different cultures. I describe myself being an adventurer. I had the curiosity and the courage to explore new places by myself, enjoying and learning a lot.

             Nature gives me so many gifts every day. I believe that we are born to be part of her, to take advantage of what it offers, and to give back our nourishment, gratefulness. You find in the shop section 100% natural products which make your life more enjoyable.

             Wishes come true, just give yourself credit! All of us deserve to live a fulfilled life.


             My mission

  • improve people's life

  • help them overcome difficult periods

  • help in emotional healing and walk peacefully through life

  • support on the way to balance

  • inspire

​           I experienced my depression, anxiety, and overcome them. I saw the sun behind the clouds, which brought me strength and faith to help other people.

            My approach is holistic, based on body-mind-spirit. I believe these are connected and I'm giving you some examples which sustain it:

  • You get a headache when you’re stressed - the mind is affecting your body

  • When you don't work out physically or exercise, you feel depressed - body affecting your mind

  • After you pray, meditate, you feel whole, calm, happy - spirit, mind, and body working together

  • When your body lacks vitamins B, D, calcium, magnesium, iron you can have depression, panic attack


               I feel great love for people who offer me the opportunity to work with them.        


             Because they open locked doors and invite me to enter there, in their mind and soul. And I, with humility, walk easily to don't mind anything. When it is dark, I show them the window and ask them to draw the curtain to enter the light. When they are ready, I ask them if they want to open the window to get fresh air and sun. The decor changes step by step until they like it so much "at home".


              Thank you!

              Let's be friends and get in touch on social media channels (Instagram, Youtube, FacebookTik Tok, Linkedin, Pinterest)!

See ya!😊